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Bently Beams is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality pre-fabricated concrete beams in Midrand. Our solution provides an efficient solution for construction projects looking for an effective and supportive product that is suited to their particular needs.

Characterised by efficient turnaround times, exceptional quality, and exceptional reinforcing structural integrity, our product makes us a key team of construction concrete beam suppliers for an array of clients across Johannesburg.

The Beams

Using specialised moulds and a process developed over years to be efficient and reliable, we are able to construct pre-fabricated beams that are ready to be installed on-site within just 7 days.

This innovative system ensures strength and reinforcement for structures of all types, at a much lower cost, and in far less time than through other solutions.

Cast in innovative system utilising reinforcing steel
Concrete cube strength: 50MPa three weeks after moulding
Dimensions: height = 200mm, weight = 35kg per meter
Deflection (6.2m beam only) : 1000kg load, no deflection
Deflection (6.2m beam only) : 1000kg load, no deflection
Deflection (6.2m beam and 60mm slab) : 3800kg load, 15mm deflection
Tested for compliance with SABS0160 and SABS0100

Benefits to your Construction Site

There are numerous benefits that your construction site can take advantage of when partnering with our team of construction concrete beam suppliers:

Reduce time taken to complete projects

Because we offer a solution that is pre-fabricated, we guarantee that beams can be made available and installed within 7 days. This cuts a staggering amount of time from construction projects, making it easier to meet deadlines.

Reduce the costs of projects

Pre-fabrication also ensures that beams can be sourced at much less of a cost to you, which is particularly evident when higher quantities are ordered.

Trusted Structural Integrity

Our product provides more than adequate strength, support, and structural integrity compared to other approaches. Our beams are thoroughly tested for compliance with SABS160 and SABS0100 standards.

The Polystyrene

The polystyrene void fillers are manufactured from EPS to fit the space created by the 620mm beam spacing and 200mm beam height. Other properties include:
Thermal resistance "R" value: >3.7
Fire: classified as B/ B1/ 2/ H&V. Suitable for use in all industrial. residential and commercial buildings as an under-roof and side cladding insulation material
Moisture: non-hygroscopic and not affected by moisture
General: Not affected by bacteria, mould or fungi and have no nutrient value for insects, birds or vermin. They will remain effective as an insulant for the life of the building
The polystyrene used is manufactured from the recycled waste polystyrene

The Installation

Wire mesh is placed over the installed beams and polystyrene void fillers. Concrete is then placed onto the mesh to form a monolithic slab structure. The properties of the materials used in a standard installation are:
Mesh: grid 193 with 5.5mm wire
Slab thickness: 60mm
Concrete cube strength: 25MPa (28 days)
This standard has been found to meet the needs of most customers however, the specifications can be changed to meet any variance in engineering requirements.

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If you are on the lookout for high-quality and affordable pre-fabricated concrete beams in Midrand, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Bently Beams today, or feel free to continue browsing our website for additional information on our offers.

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